High Fidelity Plattenspielersystem mit Bluetooth Ausgang HQKZ-006 Braun

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Farbe: Braun
Modell: HQKZ-006

Premium Funktionen

● Stabiler Sockel, Klavierlack auf Verbundplatte
● All-in-One-Plattenspieler mit Bluetooth 5.2-Konnektivität
● Manuelles Riemendämpfer-Antriebssystem
● Audio-Technica AT3600L MM-Tonabnehmer
● Präziser Drehzahlbetrieb (33 1/3 und 45 U/min)
● Eingebauter Phono-Vorverstärker verbessert die Audioausgabe
● RCA-Ausgang und AUX-Eingang
● Resonanzarmer Holzplattenspieler mit Filzauflage
● Automatische Abschaltschutzfunktion

Das Design Ihres Lieblingsplattenspielers

AT3600 Magnetische Stylus-Nadel

Das AT3600-Tonabnehmersystem verfolgt die Rillen Ihrer Schallplatten präzise und ermöglicht so ein präzises Eintauchen in den detaillierten, hochauflösenden Klang

Riemenantrieb 2 Geschwindigkeiten

Das Riemenantriebssystem und der Gleichstrom-Servomotor ermöglichen eine Drehung des Eisenplattentellers mit 33 1/3 oder 45 U/min.

Gegengewicht ist verstellbar

Steuert analoges Audio mit einstellbarem Gewicht, um sicherzustellen, dass die Nadel perfekt in der Plattenrille positioniert ist. 3,5 g sind der richtige Nadeldruck

Aluminiumplatte zur Verbesserung der Klangpräzision

Seine solide Konstruktion sorgt für hervorragende Stabilität und Rotation und minimiert Vibrationen für hervorragenden Klang und warmen Klang.

  Vinyl Recording via USB-to-PC

Schallplattenaufnahme über USB-to-PC

2 Einstelltasten, 2 Geschwindigkeitstasten für 33 und 45, Start- und Stopptasten.

Schallplattenaufnahme über USB-to-PC

Schließen Sie den Plattenspieler über USB an Ihren Computer an und kodieren Sie Vinyl-Audio in MP3s für die digitale Speicherung und Wiedergabe auf Ihrem Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Good value turntable that looks terrific

The short version: At the current price ($140), this Retrolife is a very good value. It looks great (though Id prefer it with no logo), sounds good, and appears to be well-made.The long version:WHAT IS ITIt's a belt-drive, manual?turntable with a built-in phono stage that can be turned on & off. It has the same Audio Technica cartridge as many inexpensive turntables; it's the least expensive high fidelity magnetic cartridge out there. It provides very good sound while being rugged and unfussy.SET-UPSet-up was easy. You install the counterweight and platter, attach the dust cover (slides into hinges), install the belt and set the tracking force. Though it says Anti-skating system on the box, there is no anti-skate adjustment, nor does the manual mention it. I set the tracking force with a digital scale to 3 grams as a start (Retrolife recommends 3.5gms 0.5). The counterweight dial doesnt rotate freely?as it should on my unit, which would make it tough to set the tracking force without a scale (though with some patience you could do it through trial & error). This is probably a one-off; other units may work fine. It comes with a paper alignment gauge; I checked the factory alignment and it was pretty good, though the plastic headshell already had grooves worn in it from whoever did the first adjustment. The motor runs quietly. With no record playing, I turned the volume up high, and the unit made a light buzz that would be inaudible with music playing. I played a 1000hz test tone from my Shure test record, and it read between 1019 - 1027hz, a hair fast, but within whats acceptable.?IN USEOn first listen, playing a new record from the Blue Note Tone Poet Series through the built-in phono stage, the turntable sounded quite good, with a well-balanced sound and good separation. I also listened in the PHONO mode, using my own (very good) phono stage, and the improvement was small, probably due to the limitations of the budget cartridge. The built-in phono stage seems to be adequate for this turntable. All records played cleanly at 3.0 grams, with no skips, even when opening & closing the dust cover. The cue lever puts the needle back down exactly where it lifted it up. Note: you turn the unit on & off manually, it does not shut off when you return the arm to the armrest.BUILD QUALITYThis is one of the better-looking inexpensive turntables I've seen. The gloss finish looks classy, though Id prefer it without the logo on the front and on the mat. It gives the impression of being well-made, though it has no anti-skate adjustment (it's either built-in?or non-existent). The dust cover operates smoothly.NITPICKS1. It doesnt come with an RCA cable2. Theres no tab or recess to hold the 45 adaptor (I set it on the base)UPGRADE possibilities?Mat: Felt platter mats collect dust; Id replace it with a cork or rubber mat.?Cartridge: Upgrading to a better cartridge would be risky, as the tonearm has no anti-skating adjustment. Some inexpensive turntables depend on the high tracking force to overcome?the skate effect, so a light tracking (1.5- 2.0 gm) cartridge might skip. There ARE upgraded aftermarket styluses?for this cartridge that retain the high tracking force (LPGear sells one for $40); these would be a safe way to upgrade?the sound.

The Replacement

Bought this as a replacement for my BPC late 80's direct drive turn table when the motor gave out and I couldn't be bothered. Much like the movie, it's ok. As for the band, Hsker D is superior in all ways. Speaking of, it plays my copies of Land Speed Record, New Day Rising, and Zen Arcade well.It does sounds pretty good, but that is purely due to the AT needle and a belt drive motor that's consistent 33 1/3 RPM. However, It will pick up bottom end like a frat dude at bar close. To rectify this, don't even think of putting on the cover. Just don't. Do yourself a favor and just unscrew the attachment for a clean look.Now to turn it up, get a bamboo cutting board and some rubber furniture feet and make a little platform. This will isolate the bass. Not to be confused with Ace of Base. But if you bring a girl around, follow my advice and show her the turntable, she definitely won't want to have another baby.Biggest gripe is that there is no auto return... Never thought I'd ever say that. Some first world Hell.Body is real wood. Looks good. Haven't tried Bluetooth. Have a phone, speaker, and Spotify if I want that.In summary, it's serviceable. I bought it on sale, had a gift card and Amazon points. In the red about $70. For $70 it's a steal. Go up another $100 -$150 if you want something you don't have to do anything with.

Cindi Bockstadter
So classic looking!

So cool and classic. I hooked it up to a little bluetooth speaker and it connected within seconds. I plan on getting some dedicated speakers for the turntable. Easy touch to move the needle. Overall loved it!

Carol Markley
Nice Turntable but Frustrating Set Up

A nice turntable with good sound. However, directions for setting counterweight were confusing. Also, I had a lot of difficulty with the belt. Consequently, records were turning too fast and sounded like chipmunks or conversely, the belt kept slipping off of the spindle and made the platter inoperable. It took me over an hour to finally set the belt correctly! Very frustrating!!

The Expresidents
Bluetooth doesn't turn off, but they gave me partial refund.

Warning! Anyone buying this.....the Bluetooth turns on and has no pairing code and cannot be turned off.This means: if you live in an apartment building, if you live with roommates, they will hear your music. Your music will be known to the world.....and there is NO way to shut it off.Other than that, the turntable is nice, and looks good.Edit: I too have noticed it plays at different speeds. This isn't good. I'll wait till it wears out, then buy an Audio Technica.