Vintage Kofferplattenspieler mit integrierten Lautsprechern R609

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Stil: R609
Farbe: Schwarz

Das Design Ihres Lieblingsplattenspielers

AT3600 Magnetic Stylus Needle

AT3600 Magnetische Stylus-Nadel

Das AT3600-Tonabnehmersystem verfolgt die Rillen Ihrer Schallplatten präzise und ermöglicht so ein präzises Eintauchen in den detaillierten, hochauflösenden Klang

Belt-driven System and Platter

Riemengetriebenes System und Plattenteller

Steuert analoges Audio mit einstellbarem Gewicht, um sicherzustellen, dass die Nadel perfekt in der Plattenrille positioniert ist. 3,5 g sind der richtige Nadeldruck.

Riemenantrieb 2 Geschwindigkeiten

Das Riemenantriebssystem und der Gleichstrom-Servomotor ermöglichen eine Drehung des Eisenplattentellers mit 33 1/3 oder 45 U/min.

Präzisionsgefertigte Scheibe aus massivem Aluminium

Seine solide Konstruktion sorgt für hervorragende Stabilität und Rotation und minimiert Vibrationen für hervorragenden Klang und warmen Klang.

Geschwindigkeitskalibrierung und Bedienfeld

Passen Sie die Geschwindigkeit des Plattentellers genau an die Tonhöhe an. Einfaches Panel, einfache Einrichtung.

Vinyl Recording via USB-to-PC

Schließen Sie den Plattenspieler über USB an Ihren Computer an und kodieren Sie Vinyl-Audio in MP3s für die digitale Speicherung und Wiedergabe auf Ihrem Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet.

Spezifikationen und Downloads

Multifunktionale Schnittstelle

Verbinden Sie Ihren Schallplattenspieler über das mitgelieferte PC-Kabel mit Ihrem Computer und nehmen Sie die Schallplatten zur Wiedergabe auf Ihrem Computer auf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Easy to carry

The price of this record player is really perfect! It has everything you want. The sound quality of the speakers is very good and loud without any noise at all. The bluetooth feature is great for listening to songs I don't have on vinyl yet. The radio is also nice and clear. It does close automatically, but it would be convenient if the needle and arm could move automatically, but considering the price, it's not a big deal. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a record player, then I definitely recommend this one.

Samuel Hunt
A great record player especially at the price

This vinyl player is amazing! I've been looking for a quality one for a long time and decided to treat myself with this one. Honestly, I was a little concerned because it didn't have as many reviews as other turntables, but I'm glad I got it. This player is beautiful and very well made! I admit, the instructions on how to put it all together were a little confusing, but it turned out flawlessly, so I think I understood it pretty well, lol. Since I bought this record player, I almost always play it when I'm at home. I like it!

Commack dr Burroughs
Good for the money

I've been wanting a record player for the past few years, but I've been reluctant to pay for it because my husband and I both agree that if we're going to buy a record player, we want it to be a good one, and I'm reluctant to spend money on myself. My husband decided that since I wouldn't buy a record player for myself, he would buy it for me as a birthday present. I'm glad he did so much research and bought this. But this one sounds amazing! It plugged into our surround sound system and the sound was amazing. I highly recommend this player to anyone considering it.

Suzanne Lynch
Great price point

I was looking for an inexpensive record player for casual use as a beginner. This record player turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Its lightweight, of moderate size, so it doesn't take much real estate on furniture, yet the build quality is sturdy, and the volume and sound quality are great. It's very easy to set up and use with the included detailed instructions, coming from someone who had previously never used one and I didnt have any trouble at all. I highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a simple budget-friendly, versatile record player.

Ian Kuk
Nice affordable record player

I love how easy it is to set up. This is my first record player and it works amazingly. Even old vinyl. Good value for money as the sound quality is also great. I got what I wanted, very happy and ecstatic. The only small issue is the color of the wood on the base of the record player. I thought it would be lighter and I ended up liking it. Whether you've been playing records or not, as long as you can remember and it's great for beginners. Thank you so much.