Retrolife R517 Vintage Plattenspieler mit Vorverstärker und Lautsprecher

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Farbe: Braun
Modell: R517

Premium Merkmale

● Stabile Basis
● Integriertes Retro-Plattenspieler-Design
● Bluetooth 5.2-Verbindungsfunktion
● USB-auf-PC-Aufnahme
● Riemenantrieb mit automatischem Start/Stopp
● Integrierter Vorverstärker mit Schalter (Phono-Ausgang)
● 3,5-mm-AUX-Ausgang
● Audio Technica AT3600L MM-Tonabnehmer
● Manuelles Riemendämpfer-Antriebssystem
● Stereo-Stecker (RCA) (Phono/Line)
● Geschwindigkeit: 45/33 U/min

Einzigartiges Design des Plattenspielers

AT3600 Magnetische Stylus-Nadel

Das AT3600-Tonabnehmersystem verfolgt die Rillen Ihrer Schallplatten präzise und ermöglicht so ein präzises Eintauchen in den detaillierten, hochauflösenden Klang

4 eingebaute Lautsprecher

2 x 10-W-Breitbandlautsprecher, 2 x 5-W-Hochtöner. Stereo-Schallplatten umgeben Ihren gesamten Raum.

S-förmiger Tonarm

Ermöglichen Sie dem Arm eine bessere Tracking-Leistung und ein besseres Kraftmomentverhältnis und können Sie eine feinere Klangqualität wiedergeben.

Einstellbares Gegengewicht

Sie können den Stift so einstellen, dass er ausreichend Gewicht hat, um tief auf der Schallplatte zu sitzen und so Verzerrungen und Sprünge zu vermeiden.

Integrierter Phono- und Line-Ausgang

Eingebauter hochwertiger Vorverstärker und Line-Ausgang für optionale Anschlüsse.

Transparenter Lautstärkeregler

Mit dem Knopf können Sie die Lautstärke nach Belieben einstellen. Darüber hinaus verleiht der transparente und raffinierte Knopf dem Plattenspieler einen Hauch von Design.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Rylan Carter
Birthday present

The Retrolife Vintage High Fidelity Vinyl Record Player R517 with Built-in 4 Speakers is a beautiful piece. It is well built, stylish and easily set up. The speakers sound great. The only draw back is that are not very loud, even at full volume. Volume is sufficient if the room is quiet and listening is close by. I plan to hook up to external speakers at some point.

Katy Brannigan
great starter purchase!

Bought this record player on the recommendation of a friend, it's great, it suits my needs perfectly! Love the retro feel of it, it's also a good decoration at home, very artistic, quite simple to set up, I just had some problems with the arm but I contacted their after-sales customer service and they helped me solve mine question. Other things After reading the manual, I found the answer I was looking for 😊 The bluetooth connection is great! Love it, I will recommend this record player to my other friends because it is really good!

Tyler Washburn
Bought as a gift

I love my vinyl collection and have multiple setups in my house to allow me to play vinyl, I had been looking for an all in one system like I used to have back in the 80's for playing records in my master bedroom without having to have a large collection of components taking up a bunch of space. Decided to give this unit a try out and so far am very happy with it, its not a $1k setup but it produces a good clean sound with plenty of volume. It works really well and was easy to put together and get it playing! For what it was designed for it is a great unit, it had auto stop/return build in that would make it even better for my use in the bedroom as you could fall alseep listening to it and not wake up to it still running and causign extra wear on the needle. Other than for that a perfect standalone unit that also provides BT hook up and external audio input.

Rebecca Garba
Awesome Player

Absolutely Perfect!I did a bit of research looking for the perfect record player that would get my LPs playing again, this one quite literally has blown me away. Easy to setup by following the instructions contained, once ready, you'll be listening to some great quality music. This thing not only looks fantastic but also sounds excellent. I liked the option of having external speakers but there's no need once you hear this thing. I'm in love with it, you won't be disappointed.

Johann Mevs
Clean & classic record player

When I decided I wanted to begin a vinyl collection and that I needed a record player again, I wanted to start simple. This record player is not only aesthetically pleasing, it's retro look is perfect for the nostalgic aspects of listening to music on vinyl. The sound is surprisingly good for the size of the record player. The one downside is that there is very little bass, so the treble can be a little overwhelming, and there is no way to control either. The bluetooth feature is confusing and I have yet to figure out how to get it to play through my Bluetooth speaker. Aside from those two minor things I'm very pleased with this purchase and have enjoyed listening to music through this player.