Moderner Bluetooth In&Out Plattenspieler mit 40 W HiFi Lautsprechersystem UD006

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Farbe: Braun
Bluetooth Mode: Output & Input
Modell: UD006

Premium Funktionen

● Enthält zwei High-Fidelity-Stereolautsprecher (40 W)
● All-in-One-Plattenspieler mit Bluetooth 5.2-Konnektivität
● Manuelles Riemendämpfer-Antriebssystem
● Audio-Technica AT3600L MM-Tonabnehmer
● Präziser Drehzahlbetrieb (33 1/3 und 45 U/min)
● Eingebauter Phono-Vorverstärker verbessert die Audioausgabe
● RCA-Ausgang und AUX-Eingang
● Resonanzarmer Holzplattenspieler mit Filzauflage
● Automatische Abschaltschutzfunktion

Das Design Ihres Lieblingsplattenspielers

AT3600 Magnetic Stylus Needle

AT3600 Magnetische Stylus-Nadel

Das AT3600-Tonabnehmersystem verfolgt die Rillen Ihrer Schallplatten präzise und ermöglicht so ein präzises Eintauchen in den detaillierten, hochauflösenden Klang

Belt-driven System and Platter

Riemengetriebenes System und Plattenteller

Steuert analoges Audio mit einstellbarem Gewicht, um sicherzustellen, dass die Nadel perfekt in der Plattenrille positioniert ist. 3,5 g sind der richtige Nadeldruck.

Riemenantrieb 2 Geschwindigkeiten

Das Riemenantriebssystem und der Gleichstrom-Servomotor ermöglichen eine Drehung des Eisenplattentellers mit 33 1/3 oder 45 U/min.

Präzisionsgefertigte Scheibe aus massivem Aluminium

Seine solide Konstruktion sorgt für hervorragende Stabilität und Rotation und minimiert Vibrationen für hervorragenden Klang und warmen Klang.

Geschwindigkeitskalibrierung und Bedienfeld

Passen Sie die Geschwindigkeit des Plattentellers genau an die Tonhöhe an. Einfaches Panel, einfache Einrichtung.

Vinyl Recording via USB-to-PC

Schließen Sie den Plattenspieler über USB an Ihren Computer an und kodieren Sie Vinyl-Audio in MP3s für die digitale Speicherung und Wiedergabe auf Ihrem Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet.

Spezifikationen und Downloads

Multifunktionale Schnittstelle

Verbinden Sie Ihren Schallplattenspieler über das mitgelieferte PC-Kabel mit Ihrem Computer und nehmen Sie die Schallplatten zur Wiedergabe auf Ihrem Computer auf.

Customer Reviews

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Derek hyyppa
Nice gift

I think this record player would be a nice gift. If you love vinyl but don't have anything to play, buy this stereo. Nice to hear the crackle you hear from the vinyl. Sure, digitizing is great for on-the-go and a lot cheaper than rebuilding a collection you had when you were younger, but there's something about picking a favorite album from your collection and putting it on your player. The unit connects seamlessly to my phone, so if I really want to digitize, it's just a push of a button.

Good turntable for the price.

I am new to turntables and in the past had not had a great experience with a cheaper turntable. Since then Ive been searching and on the lookout for a better quality turntable, but still at a decent price. This product fit the bill, literally! It was affordable and the sound quality is great! I have attached a short video with one of my records.
I was worried since Im new to all of this that I might have some trouble putting it together but it was relatively easy! The most difficult part for me was getting the tone arm and weight balanced correctly but with just a few trial and error attempts I was able to get it to work. Overall Im very pleased and happy with the quality, sound, Bluetooth, price, and ease of set up. If youre new to turn tables and records like me I think this a perfect place to start.

Looks really nice, but a few smaller issues

This turntable met all my expectations and more. The wooden box looks very cool and all components are of high quality. The setup instructions were clear and concise, and I was up and running in no time. I'm currently connected to a set of powered speakers and am very happy with the sound. Highly recommended product and seller. They respond quickly to any questions before and after your purchase, and if you email them the record player after you receive it, they'll help you out with any issues you're having. I don't have anything to say about the sound quality, it's really great, no matter how I use it, there is no noise, and the beautiful singing voice of the vinyl record can fill my whole room, very warm!

High quality record player

First, let me start by saying that I'm no stranger to the vinyl world. I've been collecting vinyl records since the early '60s. Of course, something was needed to turn the vinyl records, so I've owned a few turntables over the years. Direct drive, belt drive and rim drive. Pioneer, Dual, Technics, Garrard and even Marantz I still have some of these but they are getting old. I'll restore them as time and money allow, but I recently set up a new system using vintage Pioneer receivers to drive a pair of vintage Advent speakers I recently rebuilt. My Dual 1229 is working fine, but I want to get myself a new turntable. So start looking. Finally decided to buy retrolife products. Received it so much better than I expected, the sound quality is great, I think I use it every day, it is durable, I would highly recommend it.

Sounds fabulous

I'm new to vinyl, but not new to music consumption. I almost always stream music from streaming services. I keep hearing people tell me that if I really like music (and I do), I need to invest in vinyl. After buying a few albums and listening to them on retrolife turntables, I'm sure those people are right. The sound is full, rich and vibrant. I can't say exactly what it is, but everything coming out of these speakers sounds more vivid than anything I've heard through headphones.