Retrolife Turntable Needle Gel

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Style: Acrylic Jar

For vinyl fans everywhere, keeping your stylus dust-free is no longer a challenge!

This simple yet ingenious residue-free stylus tip solution will leave you in awe. The unobtrusive plastic cartridge belies the ingenious innovation inside it; a delicate, flexible plastic bubble that doubles as the finest cleaner on the market. This innovative design extends the life of the cartridge and keeps it in perfect working condition. It's super easy to use, just place the stylus on the gel material and the rest will take care of itself! All the grit that sticks to the tip will adhere to the surface of the super soft plastic bubble, leaving the stylus completely dirt free. For perfect results, a built-in magnifying glass helps you take a closer look at any remaining dirt specks. When excessive dirt accumulates on the surface, gently clean with a little warm water and soap for best results. In addition to your stylus, it also helps keep your environment clean - the product is made with safe materials that beat toxic cleaning solutions and rough brushes every time! This stylus cleaner is sure to serve you well.

Unique to this stylus cleaner.

No need to brush hard or use toxic cleaning fluids
Easy to clean and maintain
Extends cartridge life and retains functionality
Includes a built-in magnifying glass for sharper focus and finer detail